Regular or decaf.

Hot Chocolate

Crowned with whipped topping.

Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea

Served with a lemon wedge.

Raspberry Iced Tea

Sweetened iced tea with a subtle raspberry flavor.

Fresh-Steeped Hot Tea

Green, Black, or Herbal.

Berrylicious Lemonade

Sweet strawberries blended with lemonade for a refreshing taste of summer, all year long!


Our lemonade is the perfect blend of sweet and tart!

Cranberry Lemonade

Refreshingly tart lemonade and a vigorous jolt of cranberry juice.

Arnold Palmer

An unbeatable combination of iced tea and lemonade.

Citrus Splash

A delicious blend of fresh orange juice and Sprite, with a twist of lemon.

Soft Drinks

Coke® products are available.

Chilled Juice

Orange, Apple, Cranberry, or Tomato.


White or Chocolate.